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Activities and Sponsors

Clubs and Groups at ECA Sponsor / Meeting Info
Activities Director Alexis Tiefa
Bible Club Sponsors: Lorena Glaser, James Soto, Rebecca Weatherford
Meeting Day/Time: Fridays @ Lunch
Meeting Location: 122
Google classroom join code: b5claon
Educators Rising Sponsor: Miskee Blatner
Meeting Day/Time: Monday-Friday Session 2 class (1:40-3:10)
Meeting Location: B202
eSports Sponsor: Diane Thomas
Find us on Discord: ECA Elements
Fashion Club Sponsor: Casey Grange
Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays @ Lunch
Meeting Location: 119
LGBTQIIA+ StRt Alliance Sponsor: Eileen Maddock
Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays @ Lunch
Key Club Sponsor: John Potter
Meeting Day/Time: Mondays @ 1:00pm (Lunch)
Meeting Location: 115
Mock Trial Sponsor: Mark Walker
Meeting Day/Time: Wednesday & Friday @ lunch
Meeting Location: B203
Multimedia Club Sponsor: Mark Ryan
Meeting Day/Time: Mondays @ lunch
Meeting Location: 103
Musical Cultures Sponsor: Gabino Noriega III
Meeting Day/Time: Tuesday & Friday @ Lunch
Meeting Location: 114
Native American Leadership Council Sponsor: John Williams
Meeting Day/Time: CEC Session 3 class (Tuesday-Friday 3:10-5:10)
Meeting Location: B222
Paint for Peace Sponsor: Becky Gordon
Meeting Day/Time: Thursdays @ Lunch
Meeting Location: 105
Performing Arts / Drama Club Sponsor: Alicia Faulds
Meeting Day/Time: Mondays @ Lunch
Student Government Sponsor: Alexis Tiefa
Meeting Day/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Lunch
Meeting Location: B218
Instagram: @eca_stugov
Yearbook Sponsor: Mark Ryan
Meeting Location: 105