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Business Technology

Internship-Academic Career Experience

Fall and/or Spring Semester

Grade(s): 10-12
Credit: 90 hours = 1/2 credit
Meets: TBD
Prerequisite(s): 3.0 cumulative GPA, application, resume, references and transportation to the apprenticeship site, access to a computer with Internet. 
Students are responsible for finding their own internship prior to the first day of class. 

Would you like a first-hand experience to determine if the career you are considering is the one you will enjoy? Do you have a placement but want to earn credit? Then, this class may be the one for you! 

  • Students work 5-15 hours/week working in a field of their choice
  • One-on-one learning opportunity
  • Career exploration with an unpaid work experience
  • Hybrid Course: The courses combine both face-to-face classroom instruction and online Internet based learning

Banking and Finance: Money, Success, and Power

dollar bills

Grade(s):  11-12   Session(s):  II
Credit: Session II: .5 Economics Credit + .5 Elective Credit (Semester I)
.5 to 1.5 ACE credits + 1.0 Elective Credit (Semester II)
Meets: Session II: M-F Semester I, Internship Semester II
2.0 cum. GPA, 1 year of Math, Eng. 10 with a “C” and keyboarding skills.
Fees: $15.00


(CNM Dual Credit may be available)

Do you want to learn how to make money? Create a business plan? Learn entrepreneurial skills? In this class you will learn the Principals of Banking, along with contemporary issues and developments in the industry today:

  • Employability skills and work ethics
  • Business planning and investment strategies
  • Economics
  • Customer service career skills
  • Financial service career techniques

Online Economics and Government

bank imageFall Semester is Economics
Spring Semester is Government

Grade(s):  12   Session(s):
Credit: 0.5 credits/semester
Prerequisite(s): Must be enrolled in a year-long CEC class and have access to high-speed internet.


Designed to free up a class in your home school schedule and enable you to enroll in a CEC class. This course offers both Economics and Government credit and meets the APS graduation requirement and state content standards. Blackboard is the online educational program used to deliver the course content and is facilitated by a CEC instructor. Students are expected to complete weekly assignments and tests must be completed throughout the year according to timelines. Deadlines are adhered to.

Business Law - Fall Semester

Scales of justiceGrade(s):  11-12   Session(s):  II
Credit: Session II: .5 Economics and .5 Government
or 1.0 Elective Credit
Meets: Session II: M-F
Recommended: 2.0 cumulative GPA




Did you know Government and Economics take turns ruling each other? Have you wondered how the Constitution affects you?

This course covers:

  • Governmental influence to meet economic goals
  • Economics systems that affect resources, public policy and taxation
  • Laws of demand, supply, quotas, exports and imports
  • Government regulations to impact business competition and its effect on consumers
  • Emerging legal and ethical issues