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Special Education Classes

Twice Exceptional (2X) Classes

  • Do you have two eligibilities, one of which is gifted?
  • Would you benefit from an enhanced and challenging language arts and/or mathematics program that would assist in your area of deficit and help you rise to your potential?
  • Can you be successful on two campuses while managing daily transportation and multi-level classrooms? 
  • Would you benefit by meeting some of your graduation requirements in mathematics and language arts in an accelerated format?

The Career Enrichment Center Twice Exceptional Classes offer a specialized district opportunity for students who meet the criteria for gifted services and are eligible for special education services in an additional area.  Teachers for these classes are certified in special education.  Students receive support in the development of strengths, interests, and superior intellectual capacities based on IEP goals.  Classrooms have a low student/teacher ratio. While attending these classes, students must also be enrolled in their neighborhood school to gain other graduation requirements and receive ancillary services.  Students attend CEC for portions of the day for core curriculum in Mathematics and Language Arts. The accelerated/enriched Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum helps students fulfill their graduation requirements in a non-traditional setting and prepare them for a post-secondary or training program of their choice. 


  • Discuss the possibility with your educational team at the neighborhood school.  If you want to explore it further contact Jada Bower at
  • After confirming the two eligibilities, Jada Bower may ask you to arrange a visit. IEP team members, parents and students are invited to explore this possibility.  Instructional Managers of the neighborhood high school and CEC will be consulted.
  • If after your visit the team feels it is a strong possibility, the neighborhood high school will arrange an IEP and invite CEC to be part of the team decision.  Students can be considered/reconsidered at any time during their high school career.


Revised Jan. 11, 2024