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Practical Nursing Program

About Our Practical Nursing Program

The Career Enrichment Center’s Practical Nursing Program is a unique high school Practical Nursing Program, with national and state accreditation that prepares high school graduates for entry-level practical nursing practice.


In accordance with Albuquerque Public Schools, the Career Enrichment Center’s Practical Nursing Program’s mission is to enable qualified students from Albuquerque’s comprehensive high schools a unique opportunity to enter the nursing workforce as a competent beginner. The Career Enrichment Center’s PN nursing program prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, moral and ethical principles that contribute to the development of nurses who provide quality nursing care and pursue lifelong learning. The curriculum consists of courses which provide academic and occupational enrichment in nursing, prepare students for a career in health care, and for entry into post-secondary education.

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes - Concept Based Curriculum

  • Professionalism
  • Safety
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Leadership
  • Inter-Professional Collaboration
  • Technology

The Licensed Practical Nurse will:

  • Engage in professional nursing practice while incorporating diverse patient values, beliefs and attitudes into patient’s plan of care.
  • Interpret and apply factors and system contributors that impact the quality and safety of nursing practice.
  • Integrate an evidence-based approach in delivery and evaluation of nursing care to patients across the lifespan.
  • Examine the use of policies and procedures within the health care setting.
  • Effectively collaborate with the RN and the healthcare team in the delivery of patient care across the lifespan.
  • Integrate use of appropriate technology for the delivery of patient care across the lifespan.

Our Amazing Nurses

Nursing student checking child's temperature
Nursing students assess child






From health screenings to flu vaccines, CEC nursing students are gaining rewarding clinical experience working with elementary school students across the district while easing the workload of school nurses.  Read the CEC Nurses in the Community article to learn what our nursing students are up to!

Revised Jan. 18, 2024