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Welcome to CEC

As the premier magnet school in APS, the Career Enrichment Center provides opportunities for advanced, in-depth learning. Students from all Albuquerque high schools can choose unique courses from a variety of career areas, including Medicine, Engineering, Computer Technology, Languages, Trades and Business. CEC’s distinctive programs attract a wide variety of students from all geographic areas and socioeconomic groups in Albuquerque. The blending of strong academic, career, and technical classes enhances the education of all our students.

Welcome to CEC!

Learn About CEC: How It All Works

Did You Know?

  • CEC classes count toward full-time enrollment at your home high school.
  • CEC classes count toward athletic and academic eligibility.
  • To meet graduation requirements all students must have at least one Dual Credit, AP/Honor, or online course.
  • CEC has many Dual Enrollment Classes available to help you meet this requirement.
  • Students may receive certification from Nursing, EMT, Autos, and several CNM courses offered at CEC.
  • We offer specialty classes for Native American students from across the district.
  • CEC classes are FREE and transportation is provided.

The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) offers APS-approved classes to students enrolled in other APS traditional and charter schools. Students take their core classes at their home high school and may take elective classes at CEC.CEC is not a diploma-granting institution; however courses completed are posted directly on the student transcript.

CEC’s programs attract a wide variety of students from all geographic areas and socioeconomic groups throughout APS. Students with exceptional potential, motivation, or specialized interests have the opportunity for in-depth career exploration. Meeting the needs of a diverse student body is an integral component of CEC’s curriculum and course offerings.

Applicants must have a strong academic background and specific skills related to course requirements. Students are selected on the basis of their grades, resume, references, and field experience. Applications for the fall semester may be submitted as early as February 1st. Early application allows time for the instructors to interview applicants when necessary.

Applying to CEC occurs at pre-registration. During pre-registration at the home high school, a representative from the CEC will present information about course offerings and will assist students in the application process. Students may also register online for courses. Pre-requisites and recommendations for specific courses can be found in the course descriptions on this website.

Revised Feb. 8, 2024