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Electronics Engineering and Robotics I

bridge photoGrade(s): 10-12   

Credit: 1.0 Elective Credit

Meets: Session III: M & W, 2:30-5:25

Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Computer Science. (Completion or concurrent enrollment required.) 

Are you concerned that you really don’t know anything about engineering? Do you want to learn electronics and programming while building a robot from scratch? Are you interested in a career in the field of technology or engineering?

  • Work with DC and AC concepts
  • Talk techno and actually understand it…
  • Work with Digital Electronics and Semiconductors
  • Integrate many different engineering instruments for analysis
  • Learn to model in a 3D environment and read the Mechanical Drawings
  • Learn to fabricate an entire robot from the Mechanical Drawings, through basic Machining and Tooling applications using Lathes and Mills
  • Fabricate unique circuit boards from scratch for the robotic projects
  • Design and implement various electronic devices and concepts: Sonar, Infrared, Servos, Encoders, Microcontrollers, Wireless Cameras, Radios and more
  • Program in C using the latest Microcontroller technology
  • Build 2 – 3, various, autonomous Robots from scratch

Career mentoring opportunities are available. Placement may include UNM, SNL and local engineering firms.

Electronics Engineering and Robotics II

Mars roverGrade(s):  11-12 

Credit: 1.0 Elective Credit 

Meets: Session III: M & W 2:30-5:25

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of Robotics I and Instructor approval.

Do you want an opportunity to develop and use the engineering skills from the first year course? Do you want a chance to develop an advanced robotics project that could be used with a résumé or for areas such as Science Fair? This class does that – and more!

Activities include:

  • Work with Advanced Circuit Design applications
  • Continued development of more advanced machining and tooling applications
  • Design and fabricate an outdoor, mobile robot that uses GPS
  • Implement advanced programming concepts to solve unique engineering problems
  • Work closely with an engineering mentor

Career mentoring opportunities are often available.
Placement may include UNM, SNL and local engineering firms