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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit courses are an opportunity for APS high school students to take college level classes at CNM, UNM or CEC and earn both college credit and high school elective credit for the same class (3 college credits = 1 high school elective credit on the high school transcript). By taking dual credit courses, students will (for free) learn what it is like to be a college student and get credit for the courses taken.

ECA Dual Credit Policy

  • Students can take up to 2 CNM classes per term. A third class can only be taken with permission from Ms. Alicia, ECA School Counselor. Parent understanding of course load must be explicit.
  • If you fail a CNM dual credit course, you are strongly advised to repeat the course for a passing grade. Dual credit courses affect both your high school GPA and your college GPA. If you have failed a CNM dual credit course, you must meet with Ms. Alicia first, if you plan to take more CNM dual credit classes.
  • No intersession courses are allowed to be taken at CNM or UNM.
  • UNM only allows one dual credit class to be taken. Please be aware if you withdraw or fail a UNM dual credit class, you are not allowed to continue in their dual credit program.

Note: If you are taking a dual credit class outside of CEC, on your own time, you must email Ms. Alicia about your plans. You will need approval from Ms. Alicia to take more than two dual credit classes in a semester. If you are interested in working towards an associates degree while in high school, talk with Ms. Alicia to lay out a plan during high school.

Visit the CEC Course Catalog for information about Dual-Credit classes offered through CEC.

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IAIA Dual Credit Information/Application (11th & 12th)


Follow these steps to become a dual credit student at CNM and register for a course:  Steps to Becoming a CNM Dual Credit Student

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Revised Apr. 22, 2024