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Early College Academy Credit Recovery


eCADEMY is APS's credit recovery school that allows students to retake classes. There is a $25 application fee that is applied to your Student Fees in StudentVUE/ParentVUE. ECA students interested in making up a credit or bringing up a grade from a previously finished course should contact Ms. Alicia. (Students from other APS schools should contact their home high school counselor.) If you need to retake a class for credit, you will be strongly encouraged to attend summer school at eCADEMY if it was not completed during the school year. For specific questions about eCADEMY or Edgenuity contact eCADEMY at

Keys for Success

  • Log in regularly, at least twice a week
  • Spend at least 4-5 hours a week every week working on assignments in each class
  • Attend all required class meetings, science and math labs at eCADEMY
  • Submit work by due dates or risk being withdrawn with a W or WF on transcript
  • Adhere to the APS Student Behavior Handbook and Internet Use Agreement
  • Do not engage in cyber-bullying or academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism or cheating
  • Begin working in all your online classes from the first day of class
  • Finish all class work by the end of the semester because there are NO extensions for any reason

APS Summer School

Students wishing to learn about the Albuquerque Public Schools credit recovery Summer Program can visit the APS web page.

Log In To Your Class(es)

For eCADEMY classes, once you are registered for the class you will need to begin working by logging in to the Edgenuity site.

Log in to your class(es) through Edgenuity

Username: yourStudentID followed by aps
Password: yourStudentID

For example:
Username: 123456789aps
Password: 123456789