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ECA Graduation Requirements & Course of Study

ECA-Typical* Grade-level Course Of Study

9th Grade Schedule

  • Algebra I: Regular or Honors
  • Health/New Mexico History (each 1 semester)
  • English 9: Honors
  • Biology
  • PE (1 semester, backed w/Freshman Seminar)
  • Freshman Seminar & College Success (CNM dual credit)

10th Grade Schedule

  • Geometry: Regular or Honors
  • World History: Regular or AP
  • English 10 Honors
  • Chemistry: Regular or AP
  • Electives (minimum 3.0 credits, at CEC or CNM / IAIA; usually includes foreign language)

11th Grade Schedule

  • Algebra II: Regular or Honors
  • US History: Regular or AP
  • English 11: Regular or AP
  • Physics: Regular or AP
  • Electives (minimum 2.0 credits at CEC or CNM / UNM / IAIA)

12th Grade schedule

  • Transitions to College Math, Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus
  • Economics/Government (each 1 semester): Regular or AP
  • English 12: Regular or Mythology & Folklore
  • Electives (at CEC or CNM / UNM / IAIA)

*This is a typical course of study for students entering ECA in the 9th grade, but is subject to change based on student needs and requirements for graduation.

*Credits needed for grade classification: 10th grade: must have at least 6 credits 11th grade: must have at least 13 credits 12th grade: must have at least 19 credits

Graduation Requirements

ECA’s graduation requirements are higher than the typical APS high school. Note the Foreign Language and dual credit requirements. The requirements below are the MINIMUM amount of credits needed to earn a high school diploma at ECA. Students are encouraged to acquire more credits beyond the 25 credit minimum.

Graduation Requirements (Subject and Credits)

Subject Credits
English 4.0
Math 4.0
Science 3.0
New Mexico History 0.5
Government 0.5
US History 1.0
World History 1.0
Economics 0.5
Health 0.5
PE 1.0
Foreign Language 2.0
Electives (must include 16 college credit hours from dual-credit and/or AP classes) 7.0
Total* 25.0

*Students must also demonstrate competency in alignment with state requirements.