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Summer College Prep Programs

UNM College Prep Programs

Serve low-income, first-generation, and under-represented minority groups in New Mexico through promoting post-secondary education, providing information, skills, and support to give these students a running start to their to their educational and career goals, meet the benchmarks for graduation and college, and successfully navigate the college community.

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College Readiness Program at UNM

The College Readiness Program is a year round program that focuses on providing ACT prep and College & Career Preparation to low income, first generation and underserved populations.

College Readiness Website

Questbridge College Prep Scholars Program

For high school JuniorsApplying to college can seem daunting, and the prospect of paying for it can seem even more overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. The College Prep Scholars Program equips high-achieving high school juniors from low-income backgrounds with the knowledge, confidence, and resources to apply to top colleges.

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College Horizons

The College Horizons program is a program of excellence designed for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian high school sophomores and juniors. The organization helps students become experts on the college application and admissions process by offering a summer admissions workshop focused on demystifying the college application process and exploring college options for Native students. By the time students step into their senior year of high school and embark on the college application process for real, they will have a clear outline of the necessary steps to take and have a network of individuals that can help them. 99% of students who attend College Horizons attend a 4-year university and of those, 85% graduate within 4-5 years.

College Horizons Website