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ECA/CEC Parking Announcement
Posted 9/8/21

We are excited to watch the remodel of our facilities really starting to take shape, but construction has created a logjam of traffic issues and concerns, especially around parking and parking availability.

Beginning September 8th we will begin enforcing parking permits for the ECA/CEC parking lot that is directly in front of our old building that is under construction. Students could have their unauthorized vehicle booted ($50 to get off - no exceptions) or towed ($300 tow lot fee plus $50/day after first day).

In addition, we received a certified letter from Embassy Suites that they will begin towing any vehicle illegally parked in the dirt lot adjacent to their hotel. This has become necessary because of the number of students abusing the dirt lot by doing donuts or driving recklessly. They have given the construction crew 40 permits to disburse among their workers and ECA/CEC staff, and school staff have been asked to park there to open up spaces in our parking lot for students.

The CEC/ECA Parking Permit application form can be downloaded from our website at We still have permits available, but please be aware that having a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available. In addition, we have transportation from every home school and back to their school at four different times of the day so every student can definitely get to their CEC classes. The bus schedule is also available from our website at  Both the permit application and the bus schedule are linked at the bottom of this news article as well.

Please contact the school at (505) 247-3658 if you have questions.