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A Note about Summer Dual Credit Classes at CNM
Posted 5/11/22

Hello Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior ECA Students and Parents,
I know that many of you will be taking a dual credit classes this summer at CNM.  Please know that I get a weekly enrollment report to monitor our students' enrollment in CNM dual credit classes.  It is wonderful to see so many students taking summer classes!  However, if you have registered to take more than 8 college hours and you do not show a strong academic history of taking and completing dual credit classes, I will be asking you to reduce your course load.  I have the option to remove classes on the enrollment report, but would request via email (school email) that you reduce your load by dropping a class or classes in your MYCNM account.  I will include a parent on the email as well.  I have seen way too many students get overloaded in summer courses and end up with a W, W/F or F for these courses.  Failing a dual credit class can affect your eligibility for the NM Lottery Scholarship which pays for college tuition, so I ask that you limit your course load to make sure that you will not only finish and pass your summer classes but pass with an "A."  Taking dual credit classes and failing or getting low grades, will also negatively impact your high school GPA.  MORE IS NOT BETTER.  Quality work, deep learning and a final grade that you can be proud of is better!
If you don't get an email from me then your CNM course load has been approved.  
Please also be aware of the the start date of your class.  Most of your classes are starting the week of May 16th while ECA classes are still in session.  Your classes may interfere with your ECA finals.  You will need to reach out to your teachers of classes that will be affected ASAP to make sure that you are able to miss or come in late/leave early for your CNM classes.  If your finals will be interrupted you are responsible for talking with your teachers about an alternative finals time as well.  You are not automatically approved to miss classes and rearrange your finals.  You are responsible for reaching out to your teachers for a discussion and approval of your scheduling needs. 
If you have an "includED" digital book for your course, you will automatically have access to it on the first day of your class.  If you need a physical text book, you will need to follow APS instructions for getting your book:   All dual credit course books are free. 
I hope that you have a great experience with your CNM summer classes!  Let me know if you have any questions.
Take care,
Alicia Faulds, M.A.
ECA/CEC School Counselor