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ECA and CEC - Reopening Our School

August 7, 2020

Re: ECA Virtual Re-opening on Wednesday, August 12 

Parents of ECA and CEC Students: 

Hello again! We are very excited to finally get the school year started but there is still so much to do! You will be receiving more emails from me than in the past, but we want to deliver information to you as soon as we get it to keep you informed and help in any decisions you need to make. We have been so grateful to the hundreds that have attended our ECA and CEC Parent Town Halls or Zoom or youtube live streaming. We apologize if we did not answer all your questions in those times or if you had difficulty with getting in. We never expected such a resounding response and audience participation. If you have unanswered questions please send them again. 
There is a lot in this email pertaining to the start of school, including registration, devices, bell schedules and remote learning in general. As always, if you have questions or concerns please reach out to me by text, email or phone call. My contact info is listed below. 
The documents in this e-mail have not been translated yet because there is a two to three week waiting list for translations. We apologize for this inconvenience and will do everything we can to get any parents who need a translated version a copy. Please let me ( or the assistant principal ( know. 

ECA Teachers will begin meeting students in virtual meeting rooms on Wednesday, August 12. It is possible that they may introduce curriculum starting on day one, but we have asked teachers not to assign any homework until Tuesday, August 18, and only if they have contacted their entire class. We have developed a bell schedule for the first four days of school (August 12, 13, 14 and 17). This bell schedule is available here: 
Please remember that we are an Early College Academy and we are tasked with preparing students for College and Career. We are asking all parents to support us in this endeavor by having conversations with your students about expectations. They will have to attend (attendance is required) all classes on their schedule and they will be graded. Our teachers are chomping at the bit to start working with your students. Despite the difficulties often involved with virtual learning, our staff has been working hard to provide some excellent instruction. 

ATTENDANCE, CURRICULUM and SEL (Socio-Emotional Learning) 
Attendance is required so talk to your student about being signed in on time and ready to learn. This will allow us to meet students in virtual classes, explain our process and expectations, describe what learning will look like at ECA and CEC in a virtual environment, ensure we have correct contact information for both students and parents and begin to provide curriculum for our students and begin learning. In addition, our professional staff of administrators, instructors and support personnel are prioritizing the physical, emotional and educational health of our students. This pandemic has been traumatic for all of us - we have experienced unpredictable degrees of fear, anxiety, and loss. We will use advisory classes as the focal point of student contact to assess and evaluate student emotional wellness. We will also use opportunities in our core classes and electives to support students in whatever ways necessary. And finally, we will address remote learning and how we can make this experience the best possible path to maintaining our mission of preparing students for college and career. We will continue to focus on assessing gaps in learning and develop a plan to address these gaps. 
ECA will begin our full immersion into the curriculum on Tuesday, August 18. Our instructors intend on virtually delivering the rigorous and relevant curriculum they have been developing in a meaningful and academically challenging manner so you better warn your students now that they are in for an experience! Once teachers begin to introduce material, we will begin grading students and reinforcing attendance rules, and these will become a large part of our daily process. 
I have also attached a bell schedule for you to have for August 18 to September 4: ECA BELL SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2020. Please share with your student. If your student is taking CEC classes, that bell schedule is located here: CEC BELL SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2020. We will continue to use these bell schedules until we move from a full virtual schedule to a hybrid model with both virtual and face-to-face learning. 

You will hear these buzz words a lot this year so here is a brief explanation. Synchronous learning is online or distance education that happens in real time, whereas asynchronous learning occurs through online channels without real-time interaction. When we are able to have some face-to-face learning in the district’s hybrid learning model, it will include a blend of both asynchronous and synchronous online learning and in-person instruction. 
Synchronous learning happens in real time. This means that students and instructor interact in a specific virtual place, through a specific online medium, at a specific time. In other words, it has specific times and locations and is not exactly anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Methods of synchronous online learning include video conferencing like Zoom or google meet, teleconferencing, live chatting, and live-streaming lectures. 
Asynchronous learning happens on the student’s schedule. Typically our instructor will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments for completing, and exams for evaluation, and the student will have the ability to access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame. Methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and exchanges across discussion boards or social media platforms. 
Please make sure you ask us or the instructor if you have any questions related to these types of learning. And yes, they can be confusing for all of us so don’t hesitate to ask. 

Parents have been given guidance in previous emails about registering their students for ECA. Many if not most have already done on-line registration of their students. If you have not updated your registration information, here is a link to go through the process: ParentVue-StudentVue Registration. If you have any questions please reach out to our registrar Amanda Cortez ( She can answer any questions you may have.

Every Monday ALL students, including seniors, will attend an Advisory class on Mondays from 10:00am to 11:00am. These classes will be invaluable as we work with students to assess their mental well-being, provide support as necessary and have group discussions and conversations. Each Advisory teacher will make him/herself available to students in that class for any support needed. This class is mandatory for students to attend. We will also have several whole group grade level meetings during this time slot as part of Advisory.

Below you will see a photo of what the front page of our website looks like. The two areas indicated by the red arrows are where students and parents can go to find out how to contact their teachers, how to access information about the classes they are taking and how to get to the teacher’s website. We will have these two areas fully functioning by class time on Wednesday, August 12 so please make sure that you let your student know where this is. We also have all our teachers contacting their Advisory students with this information. 

Teachers will have established office hours posted on our website. They will ensure that all students know how to reach them during these times. We also want parents to know that they can reach out to teachers by email to schedule a virtual meeting to discussion their student. Please remember that teachers of dual credit classes have specific rules and laws restricting parent interaction. Please reach out but know they may not be able to provide you information. Any students taking ECA classes and CEC classes for elective credit will not have this problem.

Chromebooks are available for any students who need a device to do their schoolwork. If you need a chromebook for your studies, please fill out this form: CHROMEBOOK CHECKOUT FORM (print, sign and bring to drive-thru registration or fill out and e-mail to: We need the form before we can check out a device so please be aware of that before you come to pick up books at the drive-thru registration. We want every student to have a device that has a working camera and microphone, but due to the limited number of available devices until more are delivered if you have a desktop or laptop at home that you are using please wait to check out a chromebook.

Math and Literature Strategies classes will not begin until Tuesday, September 1. We will need to assess student needs and knowledge levels before we can start helping them individually, and we cannot take iReady until the week of August 22. Once we have that in hand we will begin to design our curriculum around those needs.

Parents, can you get in and check on your student in Synergy’s ParentVue? If not please email and include your student’s full name and ID number and what the issue is (can’t log on, forgot password, activation key not working, etc). She will get you up and running immediately. Students, if you are having problems with StudentVue, please reach out to Ms. Flo and she will solve your StudentVue problems.

The district is now capable of having students use their student number with the extension as a legitimate email address (i.e. We will be sending out instructions for students on how to use their student number as their email address. It does appear to be working amazingly so far but we have only had a few trials with teachers. We will send out instructions as soon as we complete the document. Also note that this means they have to check that email address, so if they have a different email address they use all the time, please make sure that they pass that email address on to their teachers.

Please remind your students that working virtually in school does not give them wholesale permission to suddenly up their work schedule to pick up more hours. We anticipate that any student in ECA preparing for college will be expected to do approximately 45 to 50 hours a week of school work. 
Also, please watch for our Counselor’s Newsletter starting in mid–August… the information she provides is always timely and useful. Also remember that she is a great resource for parents and students who might be struggling through this unique time we are facing.

REGISTRATION ON-LINE INFO (plus other information repeated from a prior email) 
Register Online for the 2020-2021 School Year 
If you have not updated your information in Synergy for the coming school year, please do so as quickly as possible. Online Registration is ongoing for the school year 2020-2021. Below are some instructions on how to complete it. Some changes were been made since last year’s roll out of Online Registration, which will help us here at the schools and help continue to make beginning of the school year registration time faster. Visit the APS website by clicking here: ParentVue/StudentVue for more information and links for videos on Online Registration. 

  • Log into ParentVue 
  • Select Online Registration top right corner 
  • From drop down select 2020-2021 school year 
  • Make sure all your students are listed before you begin 
  • Accept acknowledgment forms 
  • When you get to document uploads we do not need address verification as most our students come from out of our schools boundary. (Contact Registrar by email if you have questions about documents to upload) 
  • Submit and you’re done 

All Early College Academy parents must register online before their students can start school. Any parents of CEC students can also follow this process to register or update student information at their home school. 

APS Lunch Application We kindly ask all ECA parents to complete a lunch application even if you feel you won’t qualify, as it helps support school funding needs. CEC parents should also do the same at their home schools. The state has issued EBT cards to students on free and reduce lunch program during the summer which might continue in the unforeseeable future. Lunches will be available to be picked up at every comprehensive high school campus in APS. 

ECA Yearbooks 2019-2020 are here and available. If you have purchased a yearbook, please stop by the school Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm. If you did not purchase a yearbook we have extras for sale for $35, by cash or check. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Patrick Arguelles 
ECA/CEC Principal 
Career Enrichment Center & Early College Academy 
807 Mountain Road NE Albuq., NM 87102 
(505) 247-3658 x45599 
cell - (505) 252-0225 
fax - (505) 848-9421 

Posted 8/7/20
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