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Apply to ECA
Deadline to apply is
February 11, 2022!

Download the ECA Recruitment flyer.

Apply to ECA

The Early College Academy (ECA) is an APS magnet and sister high school of the Career Enrichment Center that focuses on college preparation.  Classes are offered to 200 students in a small school environment.  ECA classes are scheduled in the morning so that students may take a full load of CEC, UNM, CNM, or IAIA classes in the afternoon.  UNM and CNM classes may apply toward an associate or university degree.  ECA’s small-school environment offers students a personalized and rigorous college-readiness learning experience.  We believe in an academic focus, paralleling a college-level curriculum, and we encourage our students to start their post-secondary work while still in high school.

Is the ECA right for you?  The Early College Academy is a match if you have:

  • An interest in a challenging curriculum
  • A history of successful completion of Language Arts and Mathematics classes
  • A willingness to complete 2-3 hours of nightly study/homework
  • A preference for small class sizes
  • An interest in career exploration (internships, apprenticeships or vocational courses)
  • The drive to complete college coursework while still in high school
  • An interest in the individualization of a smaller school environment
  • A need for personalized college admissions support

Interested families can apply online here.  (The online application is also linked at left.)  50 students are accepted at each grade level and grades do fill up.  Apply early. 

Applications open November 4, 2021, and the deadline to apply for the 2022-23 school year is February 11, 2022.  The lottery drawing for applicants is February 21, 2022.  Potential students and families will participate in an interview with school staff.  There is an March 1st deadline to accept the offer of enrollment at ECA.

For additional information, please call the school at (505) 247-3658.