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CEC Dual Credit

CEC Dual Credit Classes

Students who graduate from New Mexico must take one unit of Advanced Placement, Honors, Dual Credit, or Distance Learning. CEC offers a variety of courses which help students meet this requirement. Below is a sampling of courses that may be offered in the 2020-2021 school year to meet this Dual Credit requirement.

Our Dual Credit Program provides qualified high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously earning elective high school credit. Students should not assume that if they are enrolled in a CEC course which offers dual credit that they automatically have been accepted into the post-secondary institution. Students are responsible for completing the steps necessary to enroll in CNM or UNM in order to receive dual credit. CEC teachers and the counselor will assist with this process, but cannot enroll students in the post-secondary institutions.

CNM allows qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors to enroll in courses while UNM offers only qualified juniors and seniors this opportunity. Classes are tuition-free and APS pays for required textbooks (which MUST be returned to the high school bookroom upon completion of the course).  NOT ALL CEC CLASSES QUALIFY AS DUAL CREDIT COURSES AND STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE DC ENROLLMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE. (See charts below.)

CNM Course Title CNM Credit CEC Class
Intro to Automotive Systems 4 Autos - 1st session, sem 1
Suspension and Alignment 4 Autos - 2nd session, sem 1
Automotive Brake Systems 4 Autos - 2nd session, sem 2
Automotive Electrical 4 Autos - 3rd session, sem 1
Engine Performance 4 Autos - 3rd session, sem 2
Financial Services Career Exploration 3 Banking & Finance - sem 1 or 2
Cooperative Education 3 Banking & Finance - sem 2
Beginning French I 4 French II - sem 2
Beginning French II 4 French III - sem 1
Intermediate French I 4 French IV - sem 2
Beginning  Spanish I 4 Spanish I - sem 1
Beginning  Spanish II 4 Spanish II - sem 2
UNM Course Title UNM Credit CEC Class
Chinese 101 3 Chinese I - sem 2
Chinese102 3 Chinese II - sem 2
Chinese 201 3 Chinese III - sem 2
Chinese 202 3 Chinese IV - sem 2
Chinese 301 3 Chinese V, AP - sem 2
Chinese 302 3 Chinese VI, AP - sem 2
EMS Lecture 8 EMS - sem 2
EMT Lab 2 EMS - sem 2
Intro to Native Studies NATV150 3 Native Studies 1 - sem 1
Sociopolitical Concepts in Native America NATV250 3 Native Studies 2 - sem 2
ECE 101: Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering 1 Robotics 1 - sem 2
ECE 131L: Programming Fundamentals 4 Robotics 1 - sem 2
CS 152L: Comp Programming Fundamentals 3 Comp Science / Programming - sem 2
CCST 1110: Comparative Global and Ethnic Societies 3 CEC Ethnic Studies I
CCST 2110: Intro to Chicana and Chicano Studies 3 CEC Ethnic Studies II
CCST 2996: Curanderismo: Traditional Mexican Medicine 3 CEC Ethnic Studies III
CCST 1125: Chicano and Latino Musical Cultures and Expressions 3 CEC Ethnic Studies IV
IAIA Course Title IAIA Credit CEC Class
Navajo 101 3 Navajo I
Navajo 102 3 Navajo II


Dual Credit Reminders
  • Dual Enrollment credit is not guaranteed.
  • Students MUST meet the pre-reqs for any specific course AND complete the registration process through that dual credit institution.
  • Per FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), Colleges/Universities and DC Instructors will NOT discuss grades, student progress, transcripts, financial aid, disciplinary information, etc., with parents without a signed release by the student.
  • All DC students must be registered in classes prior to the start of the term which the classes are scheduled.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are registered for a DC course.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to any deadlines for dropping or adding a class through the dual credit institution.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the DC Instructor and contact the Disability Resource Center of the institution if they have a 504 Plan and/or an IEP.
  • Any grade earned in a DC class will reflect on BOTH the high school and college transcript- even if the grade is an F, W, or I.
  • DC can affect future eligibility for Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  • Every 3 credits at CNM/UNM = 1.0 elective credits in high school. Students cannot take Fitness classes free of charge for high school credit. High school students can only take classes that are level 1,000 or higher and classes that are on the state PED DC Approved Course Appendix (not remedial)
  • Classes are FREE and APS students can check out books from APS Library Services - FREE of charge. Those books must be returned to the district office upon completion of the course.
  • Any additional fees are the responsibility of the student.
  • DC classes will post to high school transcripts at the end of each term. This may/may not occur before high school graduation dates and should therefore, not be anticipated or expected for high school graduation purposes the last semester before graduation.

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