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  • 7:25 am - 10:30 am

Phone #: 

  • 505-247-3658  ext. 44503
Contact Christina Gardner  Christina Gardner School Nurse

To return completed documents, orders, or, health plans you can FAX or Mail to ATTENTION HEALTH OFFICE.

FAX:  505-848-9421     

MAIL: 807 Mountain Rd NE, NM, Albuquerque, 87102  

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The School-Based Health Center provides services to all students, which include primary healthcare, mental health services, and social services.   

COVID-19 Health Information 

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School Nurse

Student Insurance

The Student Accident and Health Insurance Program:

  1. Is available to parents of all APS students,
  2. Provides low-cost accident insurance for students,
  3. Has options for full year, 24-hour coverage, for school time only, for football coverage and extended dental coverage.

APS Student Accident and Health Insurance

Student health and safety are important to all CEC/ECA staff members. While parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children, the district’s school health program and school nurses work to assist families and health care providers in promoting and maintaining the well-being of CEC/ECA students.

The Health Office at CEC/ECA staffed part time bay a Registered Nurse.

The goal of the school nurse is to assist students in attaining their optimum physical and emotional health so they are able to achieve academic success.  Some of the ways that are used by the nurse to achieve this goal are providing: 

  • First aid and safety
  • Administering Medications
  • Performing healthcare procedures
  • Assessing student health status 
  • Screening programs
  • Health counseling and education
  • Communicable disease control
  • Train teachers, administrators, and other school staff to support individual student health needs
  • Family assistance
  • Screening programs

The Health Office manages both acute and chronic illnesses/injuries. The nurse serve as liaisons between the medical community and the school community and are available to students, parents, and staff for counseling, and education, etc.

To assist the school nurse in achieving this goal, parents and guardians are encouraged to:

  • Share information with school nurse regarding their student's health history, serious illness or accidents, mental health issues, and any other concerns to improve or support our students success in school.
  • Keep students health record and emergency contact information in ParentVUE up to date.
  • Keep their student home when they are sick - see folder for HEALTH RESOURCES for more information
  • Encourage healthy nutrition, sleep and exercise


Injuries: Illness/Injured at School:  

  • If a student is seen in the  Health Office the parent/guardian will be contacted via text from student or phone call from the Health Office with status. 
  • Any student who arrives with a fever at 100.4 or above, is actively vomiting, or has diarrhea will be sent home and may not return to school until symptoms have subsided per APS guidelines.   

Medication:  If students require the administration of medication during the school day the appropriate forms need to be completed. Medications are limited to those required during school hours and necessary for maintaining an optimal state of health for academic success.  

  • All medications on campus, which includes, over-the-counter/non-prescription and prescription) need to be documented. A physician order form needs to be filled-out by your student’s physician and the parent or guardian.  The Health Office cannot store or give medication or supplies without a valid order signed by the Medical Provider and/or the parent.  All forms can be found under HEALTH FORMS on the right hand side of screen.
    • If the student is requesting to carry his or her medication (for asthma inhaler and EpiPen use), ensure that the Medical Provider gives permission on the Asthma or Allergy Action Plan form.
    • If a student will be taking over the counter medication (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, TUMS, Cough Medicine, Benadryl) at school, the parent or guardian will need to complete the Over-the-Counter Form.  
  • Written permission for prescribed or non-prescribed (OTC) medications at school must be renewed annually.
  • The medication should be brought to school by a parent in the original container provided by the pharmacy with students name, medication name, dose and prescribing physician name on the label.  
  • Parents are required to pick up medications at the end of the school year or the medications will be discarded by health office staff. Reminders will be sent home mid-May.

Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP): The Individualized Healthcare Plan is a written document that is created by the school nurse which contains confidential health information, special medical procedures, and/or treatments regarding a student’s specific healthcare needs during his or her attendance at school. 

Resources:  Check out our resources throughout the webpage for information on insurance, counseling, drug addiction help and much more!

School Nurse
Health Forms and Resources
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All students must have current immunizations in order to enter or remain in school. Please bring most current records when registering for school. 

When students return in person to ECA, immunizations will be required.  Immunization can be obtained from primary care physicians or New Mexico Department of Health, click RESOURCE FILE above to open list of clinics.

The Department of Health now offers a website to access your student's immunization records: click here.

APS Medicaid
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APS Medicaid Department is available to help families enroll in Medicaid or refer for other eligible services. Please call 505-855-5261 or 505-855-9820 (for Spanish speakers) for more information. Click here for more information.