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Contact Ekaterina Adams  Ekaterina Adams English (9th and 11th Grades), Freshman Seminar
Contact Demian Armstrong  Demian Armstrong CEC 2X Program
Contact Joe Baker  Joe Baker Pre-Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology
Contact Tracie Bartlett  Tracie Bartlett World History / German
Contact Paty Carreon  Paty Carreon Spanish
Contact Bernard Chimoni  Bernard Chimoni Teacher
Contact Samuel Fretwell  Samuel Fretwell Teacher
Contact John Glaser  John Glaser Planetarium Director, Maths, Econ/Govt
Contact Rebecca Gordon  Rebecca Gordon English (10th and 12th) / Lit Strats
Contact Rubing Hsu  Rubing Hsu Chinese
Contact Judy Jaramillo  Judy Jaramillo (505) 247-3658 ex: 45462 Cosmetology
Contact Michael Lombardi  Michael Lombardi EMT, Vet Med, Online Econ / Government
Contact Edward Mcintire  Edward Mcintire Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, 2D / 3D Animation
Contact Mark Mulroy  Mark Mulroy Autos
Contact Erika Ninneman  Erika Ninneman US History / Spanish
Contact Barbara Nord  Barbara Nord Teacher
Contact Ross Nord  Ross Nord Chemistry, Computer Apps, Forensics
Contact Gabino Noriega Iii  Gabino Noriega Iii NM History, Economics, Business Law, Audio, Student Government
Contact Paul Phillip  Paul Phillip Navajo
Contact John Potter  John Potter Special Ed Head Teacher, Algebra I, Trans College Math
Contact Cecilia Romero  Cecilia Romero Cosmetology
Contact Bailey Rowe  Bailey Rowe PE, Health
Contact James Soto  James Soto Cosmetology
Contact Ray Tokuda  Ray Tokuda Physics, AP Physics
Contact Mai Wakisaka  Mai Wakisaka Japanese
Contact Mark Walker  Mark Walker Biology, Forensics
Contact John Williams  John Williams Navajo
Contact Michael Wolverton  Michael Wolverton Algebra I, Calculus BC